Fuel Logistics

Fuel Logistics

Fuel Logistics

Providing a more comprehensive service to businesses in our region. Delivering + managing your fuel needs

You should expect your fuel to be delivered accurately, on time and at the right price.

That is why we also offer:

  • Remote Fuel Monitoring – primarily used by our large, commercial customers, this system gives us access to your tank fuel level from the internet, allowing us to manage your fuel requirements.

    • This takes the guess work out of knowing exactly when you need fuel. We do it for you. Too easy...

  • Fuel Planning – our dedicated fuel planners regularly monitor and review our customers’ fuel usage patterns, providing timely and accurate information. These critical members of staff manage where the trucks are going each day.

    • With technology you also need the human touch and insight. Our full time planners know our clients requirements very well and can plan your next delivery based on your usage so you always have fuel when you need it.

  • GPS Tracking – all our trucks have GPS fitted as standard. This allows us to provide absolute accuracy and transparency with all our deliveries.

    • No more worries about keeping an eye out for the truck to arrive. We will give you the exact time your fuel is due to arrive. Our delivery information is highly accurate.

  • Accounts Management – our accounts team work in close coordination with our logistics team to give accurate information on all deliveries.

    • If you need to call our accounts team for any information at all, you can be sure that information is up-to-date and accurate based on the actual data received directly from the drivers GPS and automated delivery receipt systems.

  • Automated Delivery Receipt System – all our drivers provide a printed receipt on delivery, at the point of delivery.

    • You will be confident that all information supplied is accurate as there is no risk of recording errors or misreading of numbers. The system will only provide a receipt of the actual fuel delivered which is then transferred back to the office system for invoicing.

These benefits drive operational efficiencies which is what stands McFall Fuel out in the bulk fuel delivery crowd. We are very good at logistics, our first class staff knowledge means we can get the best products at a competitive price to you better than anyone else.

  • Farmlands Card Partner – our rural customers can charge their bulk fuel purchases back through their Farmlands account.

    • Farmlands Card holders can continue to coordinate and consolidate all their farm expenses onto one monthly invoice. NB. McFall Fuel points are not able to be earned through Farmlands Card purchases.


Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards

McFall Fuel can supply you with BP fuel cards to consolidate all you fuel purchases through one account. Call us to find out what discounts we can offer you off National Recommended Price at Truck Stops and Service Stations nationwide.


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