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As fuel and lubricant logistics' specialists, McFall Fuel provide One Easy Solution which is backed by over 30 years of experience working with a wide range of businesses drawn from many different sectors throughout the Central North Island.

McFall Fuel’s loyal customer base experience exceptional service backed by the team’s product knowledge and expertise.   McFall Fuel understand that the quality of their service depends on their ability to understand their customer’s business and delivery cycles which includes assigning sales people to customers and regions.

Fuel >>

As fuel and lubricant logistics’ specialists, McFall Fuel provide One Easy Solution. Having worked with a wide range of business sectors drawn from many different areas throughout the Central North Island for over 30 years, the experience drawn on means better outcomes for customers. (From just north of Auckland through the Waikato, Thames Valley and Bay of Plenty to Turangi, Hawkes Bay, King Country and Taranaki we offer great coverage. We deliver Lubricants only in Gisborne & Northland).

Fuel Logistics

To make deliveries as hassle free as possible for customers, the McFall Fuel Operations Teams’ take two distinct approaches.

1. One keeps an eye on customer fuel usage patterns, including remote monitoring of fuel levels and planning delivery cycles accordingly.






2. The other is the DIRECT TO YOU approach which enables customers to be reached onsite whether in the forest, at the wharf, or on construction sites so that tanks and machines can be filled.





When customers unexpectedly run low on fuel, McFall Fuel planners work to keep their customers business operation running by reaching them as quickly as possible by giving estimated times of arrival to help avoid unnecessary interruptions.

McFall Fuel fleets are purpose built, well maintained and equipped with GPS tracking and automated delivery receipts to ensure accuracy.

Hear more about the McFall Fuel delivery process on video.

McFall Fuel Card

The McFall Fuel Fuel Card gives you access to New Zealand’s most comprehensive network of BP Retail sites – 205 service stations (82 of which have Wild Bean Cafes); 65 truck stops and 120 G.A.S sites where the same discount pricing is available.

  • Consolidate fuel purchases through one account.
  • Control business vehicle expenditure by nominating a purchase limit on individual cards.  Odometer readings, when recorded with each fuel purchase, will provide accurate consumption analysis to be included on monthly reports. Exception reporting can also be set up and sent to a nominated email address.
  • Protect your business from fraud by setting up automated reporting on transaction numbers or purchase amounts which exceed designated limits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All fuel cards must have PIN numbers loaded to prevent fraudulent use.

Contact McFall Fuel and find out more about the Fuel Card and what savings can be made for your business.

  • The McFall Fuel Fuel Card works on the basis of National List Price (NLP) less the applicable discount offered for your business. The National List Price is a flat national rate based on the average pricing in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. This means that no matter how high the advertised pump or retail price is, you will still be charged the National List Price less your discount.
  • If you happen to find an advertised pump or retail price that is cheaper than the NLP and your discount combined, then you would be charged pump price.

Hear more about the McFall Fuel bulk fuel solutions and fuelcards on video.


Bulk Storage
Bulk Storage >>

Working with supplier Fuel Storage Ltd, McFall Fuel can set up tailormade bulk storage and dispensing facilities to meet customer’s individual requirements from 600 to 40,000 litre tanks plus trailer tanks.

McFall Fuel work with customers to choose the best fuel storage solution for their business including the best management system to make running business easier:




Enviro Talk

4,500 litres tank and above

Automatically tracks fuel levels and sends alerts. Planners use these to monitor fuel patterns.

Piusi MC Box

For monitoring large fleet volume 80 000 to 200,000 litres per annum

PIN managed for added security

Sapphire Unit

For large fleets in excess of 50 trucks wanting real time reporting

Capability of an in house terminalwireless live

Lease to own is also an option.

Hear more about the McFall Fuel bulk fuel solutions and fuelcards on video.

Tank Repairs & Maintenance
Tank Repairs & Maintenance >>

The annual maintenance programme carried out on tanks McFall Fuel has control over is designed to prevent any issues for the customer. Filters are replaced on the basis of volume used. Repairs are carried out when needed. The Lubricant Logistics Team coordinate all repairs and maintenance for customers.

Hear more about McFall Fuel Tank Repairs & Maintenance on video.

Lubricants >>

Carrying an extensive range of lubricants for all types of vehicles and machinery, McFall Fuel are always thinking ahead and are prepared for the increasing demand for biodegradable products. Those chosen have been tested in New Zealand conditions as well as meeting the European Commission Euro Marguerite Standard.  McFall Fuel’s major supplier Fuchs is an international leader in lubricant technology.  McFall Fuel also carry quality Castrol products.

Click here to choose your Oil

When it comes to lubricants, the McFall Fuel Commercial Team have a depth of unparalleled product knowledge and expertise to help customers keep their fleets and machinery running at optimum levels.

Hear more about McFall Fuel - Lubricants on video.

Silkolene – a small range of products for motor cycles and farm bikes will be carried. Ask your sales representative for more information.

Lubricant Logistics

McFall Fuel’s Lubricant Logistics Team work to make deliveries as hassle free as possible for customers, as well as collecting the McFall Fuel empty containers to be reused or recycled. Time is taken to maintain the tanks in the field and any repairs needed are carried out.

Hear more about McFall Fuel - Lubricant Logistics on video.

Recycle and Reuse

McFall Fuel’s family values have driven a proactive approach about the impact on the environment and what can be done to look after it. Following extensive research and investment, McFall Fuel meet this commitment with their recycle and reuse facility developed especially to clean the containers inside and out. The reused containers are filled with chain bar and the clean containers for recycling are taken by a waste management company. The recycling of the waste oil sees it go to a local tomato grower for their use.


Hear more about McFall Fuel Recycle and Reuse Facility on video.

Health & Safety
Health & Safety >>

McFall Fuel's Zero Harm policy works hard to eliminate and minimise risk to achieve Zero Harm - no harm to people, no harm to the environment and no accidents.

All McFall Fuel employees are site inducted and part of the random drug and alcohol testing programme.   They are also trained to ensure that they help customers comply with health and safety requirements including pollution plans and site compliance as well as providing spill kits and signage.

McFall Fuel work with customers helping with the correct documentation to achieve Work Safe NZ Standards. If a customer receives a CAR (Corrective Action Report), it is provided to benefit and help both the customer and McFall Fuel achieve Zero Harm.

Access McFall Fuel Material Data Safety sheets, emergency response plans and company polices.

Hear more about McFall Fuel - Health, Safety and the Environment on video.

Additives >>

McFall Fuel have additives available in bulk:


A diesel additive which provides a biocide in diesel to kill the diesel bug and prevent microbial growth.



eco XP

A petrol additive which cleans the fuel system.


Ad Blue

Injected into exhaust gas to reduce harmful NOx emissions and allows modern diesel engines to meet worldwide emission standards (Euro 5&6).





Damar Paints

Spraywell – these products are provided mainly for our forestry customers. At present the focus is on the Spraywell Aerosol Colours and the Spraywell Ink Markers. The new Log & Stencil.  The new Log & Stencil Marker pictured is a step in the right direction with the low aromatic for safer use.




FuelRight is the professional choice for the complete fuel system treatment to eliminate and prevent diesel bug contamination, isolate water, prevent corrosion, breakdown sludge, and maintain clean injectors.

Reduce your fuel system maintenance costs, reduce downtime, and improve productivity.

FuelRight is a non-toxic fuel treatment regime. The product breaks up the sludge by dissolving the polysaccharide (sugar) bonds preventing clumping and regeneration.

Some of the added benefits are cleaning injectors, pushing the water out, reducing emissions and providing corrosion protection.

Click Here to visit the FuelRight website for more information.


Hear more about McFall Fuel - Additive and Paint Solutions for the Forestry and Marine sectors on video.

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