Additives & Extras

Additives & Extras

Damar Paints

Spraywell – these products are provided mainly for our forestry customers.

At present the focus is on the Spraywell Aerosol Colours and the Spraywell Ink Markers. 

The new Log & Stencil Marker pictured is a step in the right direction with the low aromatic for safer use.


FuelRight is the professional choice for the complete fuel system treatment to eliminate and prevent diesel bug contamination, isolate water, prevent corrosion, breakdown sludge, and maintain clean injectors. FuelRight reduces your fuel system maintenance costs, reduces downtime, and improves productivity

FuelRight is a non-toxic fuel treatment regime.

The product breaks up the sludge by dissolving the polysaccharide (sugar) bonds preventing clumping and regeneration.

Some of the added benefits are cleaning injectors, pushing the water out, reducing emissions and providing corrosion protection.

Click here to visit the FuelRight website for more information.


A diesel additive which provides a biocide in diesel to kill the diesel bug and prevent microbial growth.

eco XP -  A petrol additive which cleans the fuel system.

Brake Fluid 

Super High Performance Brake Fluid for hydraulic brake systems and clutch actuation in passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles.

MAINTAIN DOT 4 is a synthetic high performance brake fluid and clearly exceeds the requirements of DOT 4 regarding boiling characteristics. Therefore, MAINTAIN DOT 4 offers additional protection against vaporization even under severe conditions.

Super Solv

Super Solv is an effective cleaner for degreasing and removing heavy oils and greases. The product is formulated for use in industry where heavy duty degreasing is required.


  • Degreasing industrial workshop floors, machinery and equipment.
  • Degreasing and removing heavy oils and greases.
  • Tar and Bitumen removal.
  • Cleaning oil spots off concrete floors, paths and driveways.