Bulk Fuel & Storage

Bulk Fuel & Storage

Bulk fuel deliveries are carried out in every Region of the North Island. 

Being customer focussed, we want to provide innovative and first class solutions for our bulk fuel customers when it comes to storage so that we meet customer needs and deliveries are as hassle free as possible.

We deliver bulk fuel into storage on customer sites in the cities and towns, in the rural areas, on construction sites, into the forest, and other business sectors. In other words we work together to make sure that the bulk fuel deliveries suit your business needs.

Fuel Logistics - To make deliveries as hassle free as possible for customers, the McFall Fuel Operations Teams’ take two distinct approaches.

One keeps an eye on customer fuel usage patterns, including remote monitoring of fuel levels and planning delivery cycles accordingly. This enables a more consistent approach to deliveries but also means should offtake spikes occur we can respond as quickly as possible.

The other approach enables customers to be reached onsite whether in the forest, at the wharf, or on construction sites, so that tanks and machines can be filled to better suit the needs of the business operation. This means a great deal of planning with the customer on site to ensure that all possibilities are considered.

When customers unexpectedly run low on fuel because seasonal or unexpected work demands, McFall Fuel planners work to keep their customers business operation running by reaching them as quickly as possible by giving estimated times of arrival to help avoid unnecessary interruptions.

The McFall Fuel Heavy Fleet is purpose built, well maintained, and equipped with GPS tracking and automated delivery receipts to ensure accuracy.

Most importantly our drivers are trained to the highest standard and continually assessed to ensure that the delivery performance is first class.

Monitoring Fuel Offtake

We take time to discuss the use of the Fuel Management Unit that will best meet your needs. The features see secure contactless technology to track every litre with memory for 4000 plus transactions. Up to 250 users is possible with centralised reporting which id a cost effective solution for small, medium, or large fleets. The technology enables tracking by vehicle or driver and there are multiple pump options available.


Bulk Fuel & Storage Solutions

  • Working with a range of storage manufacturers and suppliers McFall Fuel can set up tailor-made bulk storage and dispensing facilities to meet customer’s individual requirements from 600 to 40,000 litre tanks plus trailer tanks and ute tanks.
  • McFall Fuel work with customers to choose the best fuel storage solution for their business including the ideal management system to make running business easier.
  • We will also work with you to achieve the standards to meet the compliance regulations if required that have come with the Health & Safety at Work Act. We will provide advice if any of these regulations change.
  • The storage (tanks) we use are certified tank designs and are double skinned.

Trailer Tank






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Trailer tanks are 1,350 litres or 1,800 litres

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1,800 Litre Bulka

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3,000 Litre Bulka

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10,000 Litre Bulka

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20,000 Litre Bulka

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40,000 Litre Tank

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1,800 Litre Everlink Micro

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