McFall Fuel Fuelcard

McFall Fuel Fuelcard

The McFall Fuel Fuelcard gives you access to New Zealand’s most comprehensive and growing network of BP Retail sites – 209 service stations (106 of which have Wild Bean Cafes); 59 truckstops and 116 G.A.S sites where the same discount pricing is available.

McFall Fuel Fuelcards can be used at our three Taranaki retail sites in Stratford, Egmont Village and Manaia, and customers using their cards at these locations receive the same pricing as any other BP or G.A.S station. Kapiti is eftpos/credit card only. 

McFall Fuel Fuelcards can also be used at the McFall Truckstops located in Waverley, Marton, Kimbolton and Ohakune. Please note that the card details need to be loaded to each Truckstop location before use – please contact the office team on 0800 623 255 to arrange.

These sites are unmanned Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT’s), which require pre-payment before any of the pumps can be used. As the OPT’s don’t know how much fuel each customer will pump, they are set to automatically pre-authorise a set dollar amount per transaction. If you do not have enough cleared funds in your account, the transaction will be declined and no fuel will be dispensed.

When you hang the nozzle up after filling your vehicle the final transaction amount is calculated and replaces the dollar amount that has been pre-authorised.

Please note: the process of replacing the pre-authorised amount with the actual transaction total is not instantaneous. While the information is processed to our back office immediately, it has to then go through the bank’s systems in order to be completed. We have been advised by the major NZ banks that this process can take up to five working days, at which time the pre-authorised amount will disappear from your account and be replaced with the actual transaction total. 

The pre-authorisation amount at Fuelling Kapiti is set to $100.00 and at Fuelling Manaia, Stratford, and Egmont Village it is $150.00

The pre-authorisation amount at the Waverley, Marton, Kimbolton, and Ohakune Truckstops is $150.00


BP's fastest way to pay

BPMe T&Cs apply, see for details

The McFall Fuel Fuelcard enables you to use the BPMe app. It is a digital version of the card. Only one BPMe account can be loaded onto one McFall Fuel Fuelcard.

BPMe is secured by a PASSCODE, in a very similar way to how the plastic card is secured by a PIN. An advantage of a digital card is that we can tell exactly which BPMe customer (driver) used the card for a specific transaction.

The app mirrors the restrictions on the plastic card. Drivers can only choose from permitted fuel grades. Odometer readings can also still be completed.

  • Consolidate fuel purchases through one account.
  • Control business vehicle expenditure by nominating a purchase limit on individual cards.  Odometer readings, when recorded with each fuel purchase, will provide accurate consumption analysis to be included on monthly reports. Exception reporting can also be set up and sent to a nominated email address.
  • Protect your business from fraud by setting up automated reporting on transaction numbers or purchase amounts which exceed designated limits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All fuel cards must have PIN numbers loaded to prevent fraudulent use.
  • Pay your account weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – you choose.

Contact McFall Fuel and find out more about the Fuelcard and what savings can be made for your business