Health, Safety & the Environment

Health, Safety & the Environment

McFall Fuel's much prized Zero Harm Value is the cornerstone of the family business. Our approach is to work hard to eliminate and minimise the risks we face each day to achieve Zero Harm - no harm to people, no harm to the environment and no accidents.


Our aim is to get all of our McFall Fuel employees home safely each day as well as ensuring that they do the same when they work on the sites of other businesses. We willingly have staff inducted onto customer sites and will complete customer site safety approvals as well as supply any additional information required. The random drug and alcohol testing programme at McFall Fuel sees all staff involved. 

We have staff trained to ensure that we can help customers comply with health and safety requirements including pollution plans, site and tank compliance as well as providing spill kits and signage.

McFall Fuel work with customers helping with the correct documentation to achieve Work Safe NZ Standards. If a customer receives a CAR (Corrective Action Report), it is provided to benefit and help both the customer and McFall Fuel achieve Zero Harm.

Our training and safety culture is an integral part of who we are and a great deal of time and energy is put into keeping ourselves and those we work with safe. All staff complete first aid training and annual medicals are carried out for drivers.


No harm to our environment is not only supported by our reuse and recycle programme that sees us collect the plastic containers used for lubricants from our customers but also by the training we give staff to avoid any product to ground.

Environmental sustainability sees McFall Fuel working towards having the entire fleet using Adblue to reduce NOx emissions as well as continuing to support innovations that help with the recycling and reuse of waste containers to look after the environment. BP are looking to invest $500 million a year for lower carbon solutions as part of their core strategy making a contribution to the future.

Health & Wellbeing

McFall Fuel look to support staff and their families by ensuring that training in fatigue management and nutrition is available and that staff are provided with every opportunity to learn more about health and wellbeing.

Mental Health is viewed as just as important as medical health. McFall Fuel encourages a work life balance and so many staff coach teams and are involved in their community and regional activities.



McFall Fuel use ecoPortal to manage all of the Health and Safety documentation related to the notification of events. The system is used to assess the severity of the inherent risk levels to personal and environmental safety. Events reported are investigated using the prompts within the system along with the suggested actions to be taken. Actions can be followed up and must be completed prior to close out. Reporting and other capabilities are also offered with the easy to use system. 

Access McFall Fuel Material Data Safety sheets, emergency response plans and company polices