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  • McFall Fuel’s family values and beliefs are reflected by the dedicated team.

  • We set very high standards for ourselves and each other by working together (teamwork).

  • We take pride in all that we do just as any family would.

  • Our team not only contribute to the McFall Fuel customers but also to the communities within which we live. Many coach teams or are involved in charities or schools or other community activities just as McFall Fuel chooses to be.

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Barry Terrill
Barry Terrill

Position Business Development Manager - Auckland

The former Fuchs Lubricants salesman has moved easily into The Complete Package scenario. His knowledge and expertise in the lubricant area is invaluable. A great believer in keeping things simple Barry is a very much about One Easy Solution for his customers in the Auckland area. He is the proud dad of a beautiful young dancer which is quite a stretch from his love of rugby and all things sport.